Comprehensive. System. Personality       Your Private Travel Service Steward

If you want your "eating, drinking, and playing" enough, how can you Taxi2Trip less!
Our platform creates a personal travel guide for you,
One-stop service from transportation, food, accommodation and attractions,
At the same time, all-native communication makes you travel,
Just like the supermarket at the doorstep, it is "convenient" and "free", choose what you love.

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Dishi travel, high-quality network car travel platform Dishi travel, high-quality network car travel platform

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Make your trip fun

Enjoy the three countries of Western Europe

Stroke the ancient walls of Rome, break into Venice's masquerade, take a golden train, take a deep breath in the isolated town, and make a romantic fairy tale dream.

Customer Registration Process

Dishi's trip has already entered the European region. Some friends plan to register for the trip to solve the three major problems of difficult taxi communication. The following will explain the registration process for the trip, and I hope everyone will travel. Registration is smooth.