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Taxi2Trip business car

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    Business car
    Great pain point
  • high cost

    The rules of using the car are uncontrollable, and the cost of using the car is high.

  • Safe and insecure

    Car safety cannot be guaranteed, employee satisfaction is low

  • Process is cumbersome

    Reimbursement process is cumbersome and inefficient

  • Less models

    A single model can't meet the multi-vehicle scene of the enterprise


Flexible car rules management

For the enterprise car demand, set the car rules, from the source into the line vehicle cost control

Convenient reimbursement process

Use corporate accounts, the company unified invoicing,
Simplify the reimbursement process

Safe car service

Shishi travel has a complete network of vehicle operating qualifications, drivers are after a rigorous background investigation, and standardized service training

Variety of vehicle choices

Meet the needs of overtime vehicles, marketing vehicles, travel vehicles, etc.

Enterprise core function point

  • Vehicle condition management

  • Order management

  • Financial Management

  • Data management

  • Order reservation

Which sectors are using the T2T services

the Internet

Car scene: Global car, free travel
Purpose of the car: Ensure safe use of cars and streamline financial processes


Car scene: Travel car, available worldwide
Purpose of the car: Improve travel experience and enhance service experience


Car scene: Business car, the world is yours
Purpose of the car: One-click car, save trouble

Multinational corporation

Car scene: In any Country without worries
Purpose of the car: Ensuring compliant vehicles and streamlining financial processes


Car scene: Need to travel?
Purpose of the car: to ensure compliance with the car, enhance the service experience

Technology company

Car scene: employee benefits, overtime vehicles
Purpose of the car: reduce the cost of the car