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Free time

You can take the order by drip taxi at any time for 30 days a month. The time to take the order is entirely up to you and will never conflict with important events in your life.

Earn more income anytime, anywhere

The itinerary bill starts with the starting price and then increases with time and distance. When the demand is at the peak, the cooperative car owner can make more money.

Double the income

Provide foreign tourists and off-site passenger flow, so that each return is fully loaded.

The driver is supported by big data, making money easier

Start with a tap. You'll get detailed directions in the app, tools to help you increase your revenue, and 24/7 support.

Work together to help you succeed

When you want to make money, just open the app and you can start ordering. You will receive information about your passenger's order and directions to your location and destination. When the trip ends, the revenue is automatically credited to your wallet and you will receive another system dispatch from nearby. If you are not ready to take orders, you can always pick up your car.


Driving is a hard thing. We offer you more fuel, vehicle maintenance, mobile phone packages and other discounts for added convenience. You can reduce your daily expenses, get more real income, and learn more about contacting customer service.


Find out if you meet the requirements for a driving order. Whether you are driving your own vehicle or a commercial license vehicle, you must meet the minimum requirements and complete online safety screening.
Private vehicle...
Company Vehicle...


When you use the dripping travel platform to drive orders, you will receive round-the-clock support and insurance. In addition, all passengers have personal information and mobile number verification, so you and us will know the passenger's information. How can we guarantee your safety?

Driving order

It’s easy to start making money by dripping a taxi.
1. Online registration
Introduce yourself and your vehicle
2. Upload the ID
Simply upload your driver's license, ID card or residence permit, driving permit, insurance certificate, and provide the necessary information to start a collaborative vehicle owner screening.
3. Download the driver's online order
After you have passed the audit and become the owner of the trip, we will provide you with all the help you need to get your hands on the order.
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T2T trip to provide full support

We want to make your trip every trip without any worries. As long as you need it, we will help you with account settings, fare adjustments, etc.

More support

Driver customer service e-mail
Driver service number:
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