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Privacy, passing policy


When you use Taxi2trip, you trust us byentrusting us with your information, and we are committed to maintaining it.That's why, first of all, we want to make sure that you understand our privacypractices.


This policy describes the information wecollect, the way it is used and shared, and what choices you have available. Weinvite you to read not only the information, but also the Privacy Overview,which highlights the fundamental points of our privacy practices (whatinformation we collect, when we collect it, how we use it and more).


Date: 15 July 2018


Effective date: 15 July 2018


Collection and use of data




This Statement applies to all Taxi2tripservice users anywhere in the world, including users of apps, websites,features or other Taxi2trip services.


This Statement describes how Taxi2trip andits affiliates collect and process personal data in order to provide theirservices. This Notice applies to anyone who uses apps, websites, features andother services provided by Taxi2trip anywhere in the world, provided they arenot subject to a separate privacy statement, such as Taxi2trip Privacy Policy. ThisNotice applies specifically to:


Users: users who request or receivetransport services


Drivers: users who provide transportservices individually or through partner transport companies


Delivery recipients: users requesting fooddelivery services or other items


Couriers: users providing delivery services


This Notice also applies to those whoprovide Taxi2trip data as part of a request for use of our services, or whosedata are received by Taxi2trip in any other way in relation to the servicesoffered (for example, contact information of people associated with Taxi2triprestaurants). All those who are subject to this Notice are called"users".


The practices described in this Statementare subject to the laws applicable in the locations in which we operate. Thismeans that we perform the activities described in this Notice in a particularcountry or region only if permitted under the laws in those areas. Do nothesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our practices in aspecific country or region.


Responsible for data processing


Taxi2trip provides services to users aroundthe world, the person in charge of data processing is  Dishi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd..


Any questions, comments and complaintsabout the Taxi2trip data procedures can be forwarded to the data protectionoffice here (


We process personal information inside andoutside. Taxi2trip transfers user information outside  based on the mechanisms approved byapplicable regulations.


Information collected by Taxi2trip




Information provided by users to Taxi2trip,for example when creating an account.


Information created when users use ourservices, such as location, usage, and device information.


Information from other sources, such asTaxi2trip partners and third parties using Taxi2trip APIs.


Such information includes name, emailaddress, telephone number, login name and password, address, payment or bankinformation (including payment verification information), national identitycard numbers, date of birth, photo and signature. This also includes vehicleinformation or driver insurance, as well as preferences and settings activatedfor the Taxi2trip account.


Information for the control of the criminalrecord: in case of registration for the use of Taxi2trip services as a driveror courier, we can collect information for the control of the criminal recordof the user. The information collected includes criminal records or criminal recordsof the driver (in cases where this is permitted by law). This information canbe collected by a supplier on behalf of Taxi2trip.


Demographic data: we can collectdemographic data on users, including through surveys. In some countries, we canalso receive demographic information on users from third parties.


User content: we can collect informationthat users send when they contact customer support, provide ratings orcompliments to other users, or otherwise contact Taxi2trip.


Address Book or Calendar: If you allow theTaxi2trip app to access your address book on your device, we can collect namesand contact information for various purposes, including facilitating socialinteractions through our services. If you allow the Taxi2trip app to access thecalendar on your device, we will collect the calendar information, such as thetitle and description of the event, the answer (Yes, No, Maybe), the date andtime, the position and the number of participants.


1. Information created while using ourservices

These include:


Location information


Depending on the Taxi2trip services usedand the settings of the app or device permissions, we can gather precise orapproximate information on the location determined through data such as GPS, IPaddress and Wi-Fi network.


For drivers or couriers, Taxi2trip collectslocation information when the Taxi2trip app is running in the foreground (appopen and on screen) or in the background (app open but not on screen) ofdevice.


If you are a Taxi2trip user, collectlocation information when the app is running in the foreground. In some regionsTaxi2trip collects this information even when the Taxi2trip app is running inthe background, if that collection is enabled by app settings or devicepermissions.


Users and recipients of deliveries can usethe Taxi2trip app without allowing Taxi2trip to collect location information.However, this may affect the functionality available in the Taxi2trip app. Forexample, if you do not allow aTaxi2trip. to collect location information, youwill need to manually enter the starting address. In addition, locationinformation will be collected by the driver during the ride and linked to youraccount, even if you have not given permission to Taxi2trip.


Transaction information


We collect information about transactionsrelated to the use of our services, including types of services requested orprovided, order data, delivery information, date and time when the service wasprovided, amount charged, distance traveled and terms of payment. Furthermore,if a promotional code is used, we have the right to associate the name withthat of the person who used it.


Usage information


We collect information on how usersinteract with our services. This information includes access date and time, appfunctionality, or viewed pages, app abnormal shutdowns, and other systemactivity, browser type, and third party site or service used before interactingwith our services. In some cases, to do so we use cookies, pixel tags andsimilar technologies, which create and maintain unique identifiers. For moreinformation on these technologies, see our Cookie (Taxi2trip terms andconditions).


Device information


We can collect information about thedevices used to access our services, including hardware models, device IPaddresses, operating systems and related versions, software, file names andtheir versions, preferred languages, unique device identifiers, identifiersadvertising, serial numbers, information on device movement and information onthe mobile network.


Communications data


We allow users to communicate with eachother and with Taxi2trip through the apps, websites and other Taxi2tripservices. For example, we allow drivers and users, and couriers and recipients,to call themselves or send SMS (in some countries, without revealing theirphone numbers). To provide this service, Taxi2trip receives some informationabout calls or text messages, including the date and time of the call / SMS andthe contents of the SMS.


How we use your information


Taxi2trip collects and uses information tooffer transportation and delivery services and other reliable andcost-effective products and services. The information collected is also used:


To improve the security of our users andservices


To provide customer support


For research and development purposes


To enable communications to or betweenusers


To offer promotions and competitions


In the context of court proceedings


Taxi2trip does not sell or share yourpersonal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes.


Taxi2trip uses the information it collectsfor various purposes, including:


1. Provide services and functionality

Taxi2trip uses the information we collectto provide, customize, support and improve our products and services. Thisincludes information for:


Create and update accounts.


Verify the identity.


Allow the provision of transport, deliveryand other services. This includes automated information processing to enableDynamic Pricing, where the price of a ride is determined on the basis ofconstantly changing factors such as estimated time and distance of the intendedroute, estimated traffic and number of users and drivers using Taxi2trip at agiven time.


Process or facilitate payments for theseservices.


Offer, obtain, provide or facilitatefinancial or insurance solutions in connection with our services.


To monitor the progress of the race ordelivery.


Enable features that allow informationsharing with other people, such as when you send a positive review to a driver,invite a friend onTaxi2trip, share rates or share the estimated time ofarrival.


Enable features to customize theTaxi2tripaccount, such as creating favorite places, and to allow quick access toprevious destinations.


Enable accessibility features that simplifythe use of our services for users with disabilities, such as those that allowdeaf or hearing impaired users to report users to their disabilities, sendingonly text messages from part of users and receiving flashing run requestnotifications instead of audio notifications.


Perform the internal operations necessaryto provide our services, including the resolution of software bugs andoperational problems, conduct data analysis, verification and research, andmonitor and analyze usage and activity trends.



We use user data to ensure the security andintegrity of our services and our users. These activities are included asexamples:


The verification of drivers and couriersbefore allowing them the use of our services and at regular intervals through,among others, the control of the criminal record, in the cases permitted bylaw, to prevent the use of our services by part of unsafe drivers.


Use of information in drivers' devices toidentify unsafe driving behavior such as excessive speed or braking and suddenacceleration, and to spread awareness among drivers about such behavior.


Our real-time ID Control feature, whichrequires drivers to share a selfie before going online. This ensures that thedriver using the app matches the registered Taxi2trip account, preventing fraudand helping to protect other users.


Use of information on devices, locations,profiles and usage to prevent, detect and combat fraud and other unsafeactivities. This includes the processing of such information, in somecountries, to identify practices or models that indicate possible fraud orsecurity incidents. Information provided by third parties is also included. Insome cases such incidents can lead to decommissioning through an automateddecision-making procedure. Users residing in the EU have the right to opposethis type of treatment; see Section II.I.1.d for more information


The use of evaluations to encourage theimprovement of the users involved and as a basis for the deactivation of userswith ratings below a certain minimum level, expected in their own region.Calculation and deactivation can be performed through an automateddecision-making procedure. Users residing in the EU have the right to opposethis type of treatment; see Section II.I.1.d for more information.


1.Customer support

Taxi2trip uses the information we collect(including recordings of customer service calls after we communicate andreceive their consent) to assist users when they contact our support services for:


Send the questions to the appropriatecustomer support officer


Investigate and resolve problemsencountered by users


Track and improve responses provided bycustomer support


1.Research and development

We can use the information we collect toperform verification, research, analysis and product development. This allowsus to improve and increase the security of our services, develop new featuresand products and facilitate financial and insurance solutions in relation toour services.


1.Communications between users

Taxi2trip uses the information we collectto make communications between users possible. For example, a driver can send atext message or call a user to confirm the starting point, or a partnerrestaurant or courier can call the recipient of a delivery to give himinformation about his order.


1. Taxi2trip communications

Taxi2trip can use the information wecollect to communicate with users about products, services, promotions,studies, surveys, news, updates and events.


Taxi2trip can also use the information topromote and process contests and sweepstakes, assign any prizes and proposeadvertising and relevant content on our services and those of our businesspartners. Users can receive some of these communications depending on theprofile as a Taxi2trip user. Users residing in the EU have the right to opposethis type of treatment; see Section II.I.1.d for more information.


Taxi2trip can also use information toinform users of elections, ballots, referendums and other political andregulatory processes related to our services.


1. Legal procedures and requirements

We may use the information we collect toinvestigate or resolve complaints or disputes relating to the use of Taxi2tripservices or as otherwise permitted by applicable law, or as required byregulatory bodies, government agencies and official inquiries.


Cookies and third-party technologies


Taxi2trip and its partners use cookies andother identification technologies on their apps, websites, e-mails and onlineadvertising for the purposes described in this policy.


Cookies are small text files stored on yourbrowser or device by websites, apps, online media and advertisements. Taxi2tripuses cookies and other similar technologies for purposes such as:


Authenticate users


Remembering user preferences and settings


Determine the popularity of content


Measure the effectiveness of advertisingcampaigns


Analyze the traffic and trends of a siteand understand in general the behavior and the online interests of people whointeract with our services


Furthermore Taxi2trip may allow thirdparties to provide services for the measurement and analysis of the public,publish advertisements on the Internet, and monitor and report the performanceof these advertisements on our behalf. These third parties may use cookies, webbeacons, SDKs and other technologies to identify your device when you visit oursite and use our services, as well as when visiting other online sites andservices.


For more information on the use of cookiesand other technologies described in this paragraph and regarding your choicesregarding these technologies, please see our Cookie Policy.


Sharing and dissemination of information


Some products, services and features ofTaxi2trip require the sharing of information with other users or at the requestof users. Finally, the data may be shared with our affiliates, with thecompanies we control and our business partners or for legal reasons, forexample in the event of complaints or disputes.


Taxi2trip can share the information wecollect:


1. With other users

For example, in the case of a user, we canshare the name, the average rating provided by the drivers and the points ofdeparture and / or arrival with the drivers. In case of sharing a Taxi2tripride with another user, the user could be informed of the name of the travelcompanion and could see the departure and / or arrival points of the latter.


In the case of a driver or a courier, wemay share your information with users, including name and photo, make and modelof vehicle, color, license plate and vehicle photo, location, average ratingprovided by users, total number of trips, how long it has been using theTaxi2trip app and contact details (depending on applicable laws). In the caseof driver profiles, we may also share any information associated with thatprofile, including information provided and positive reviews received fromusers. The user / recipient of the delivery will also receive a receiptcontaining information such as the details of the amounts charged, the name,the photo and a map of the route that will be followed.


1.On request from users

This includes sharing information with:


Other people at the request of users. Forexample, we can share estimated time of arrival and location with a friend atthe request of the user, or information about the ride when sharing the farewith a friend.


Taxi2trip business partners. For example,if the user has requested a service through a partnership or a promotionaloffer proposed by a third party, Taxi2trip can share the information with thatthird party. Third parties may include, for example, other apps or websitesthat integrate with our APIs, vehicle or service providers, or other apps orwebsites with an API or service we have integrated, or business partners withwhich Taxi2trip Taxi2trip can collaborate to provide a promotion, a competitionor a specialized service.


1.With the general public when the usersubmits content to a public forum

We are happy to receive feedback from ourusers, including through public forums such as Taxi2trip's blog, social mediaand certain features on our network. When a user communicates with us throughthese channels, communications may be visible to the public


1. With the Taxi2trip account holder a usercan use

If the user uses a profile associated withanother party, we can share the information about the race with the owner ofthat profile. This happens, for example, if the user is:


A user who uses the taxi2trip for businessprofile of the employer, or who makes trips organized through Taxi2tripCentral.


A driver who uses an account owned by apartner transport company.


A user who runs a race organized by afriend or family member.


A courier acting as a substitute.


1. With associates and affiliates ofTaxi2trip

We share information with our affiliatesand affiliates to help provide our services or process data on our behalf. Forexample, Taxi2trip processes and stores information in the italy on behalf ofits affiliates and international affiliates.


1.With the service providers and businesspartners of Taxi2trip

Taxi2trip can provide information to itssuppliers, consultants, marketing partners, research companies and otherservice providers or business partners. These include, for example:


Partners who process and facilitatepayments.


Controls of the criminal record (fordrivers and couriers only).


Cloud storage providers.


Marketing partners and marketing platformproviders.


Data analysis providers.


Research partners, including thoseconducting surveys or research projects in collaboration with Taxi2trip or onbehalf of Taxi2trip.


Suppliers that assist Taxi2trip inimproving the security level of its apps.


Consultants, lawyers, accountants and otherprofessional service providers.


Vehicle fleet partner.


Insurance and financing partner.




Taxis and other local suppliers.


Partner restaurants.


Partner hotels.


Solution providers for vehicles orthird-party vehicle suppliers.


1. For legal reasons or in the event of adispute

Taxi2trip may share information about usersif it deems it required by applicable laws, regulations, operating agreements,legal processes or government requests, or if it is deemed appropriate todisclose them due to security issues or like.


This includes the sharing of informationwith law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities, government authorities,airports (if required by airport authorities as a condition for operating onthe airport property), or other third parties, as necessary for the applicationof Terms of use, user agreements or other policies, for the protection of therights or property of Taxi2trip or the rights, security or property of others,or in the case of a claim or a dispute concerning the use of our services. Inthe event that a user uses another person's credit card, we may be required bylaw to share information with the credit card holder, including travelinformation.


This includes the sharing of informationwith others in relation to, or during, negotiations for any mergers, sales ofcompany assets, consolidations or restructurings, financing or acquisitions ofall or part of the company by or within another company.


1. With user consent

Taxi2trip may share information other thanthose described in this Policy, provided that it communicates to you andreceives your consent.


Storage and deletion of information

Taxi2trip keeps users' profiles and otherdata as long as a user's Taxi2trip account remains active.


Taxi2trip retains, among others, data ontransactions, position and use for 7 years in relation to regulatory, tax,insurance and other requirements in the places in which it operates. After 7years, Taxi2trip will delete or anonymize such data in accordance with applicablelaws.


In the event that a user refuses to givehis consent to the collection or use of personal data for optional features,such as features that use the calendar or the user's address book, Taxi2tripwill delete this personal data .


Users can request that their accounts bedeleted at any time. Following this request, Taxi2trip deletes information thatit is not required to retain, and restricts access or use to the data it isrequired to keep.


Taxi2trip requires user profile informationto provide its services, and this information is retained for as long as theTaxi2trip account remains active.


Taxi2trip retains certain information,including information on transactions, location, device and use, for a minimumof 7 years in compliance with regulatory, tax and insurance requirements andother requirements in the places in which it operates. When such information isno longer needed to provide Taxi2trip services, guarantee customer service,improve the user experience or for other operational purposes, Taxi2trip takesthe necessary measures to prevent access to or use of such information forpurposes other than compliance with the aforementioned requirements or for thepurposes of security, prevention and detection of fraud.


Users can request their account to bedeleted at any time via the Privacy Settings in the Taxi2trip app or via theTaxi2trip website.


Following this request, Taxi2trip providesfor the elimination of information that it is not required to keep. In somecircumstances, Taxi2trip may not be able to delete a user's account; forexample, if there is a residual credit in the account or an unresolved claim ordispute is in progress. Once the issues that prevent deletion are resolved,Taxi2trip will delete the account as described above.


Taxi2trip may also retain some information,if necessary, for its legitimate business interests, such as fraud preventionand improving security and user protection. For example, if Taxi2trip closes auser's account due to unsafe behavior or security incidents, it may retaincertain information about that account to prevent the user from opening a newTaxi2trip account in the future.


Special information for EU users


From 25 May 2018, the processing ofpersonal data of EU users will be subject to the EU General Data ProtectionRegulation ("RGPD").


This section summarizes the motivations forprocessing personal data in accordance with the RGDP and the rights of EU userswith regard to the handling of personal data by Taxi2trip.


From 25 May 2018, the processing ofpersonal data of users in the European Union will be subject to the EU GeneralData Protection Regulation ("GDPR"). This section providesinformation on user rights in the EU and Taxi2trip's responsibilities, as requiredby this regulation.


1. Users rights in the EU

If you are a Taxi2trip user in the EU, youhave the following rights regarding Taxi2trip's handling of your personalinformation. To exercise these rights, refer to the information below or sendan email to


Users outside the EU can also request toreceive explanations, make corrections, delete or receive a copy of theirpersonal data mail


a. Explanations and copies of personal data


You have the right to request an explanationof your Taxi2trip information and the way Taxi2trip uses them.


You also have the right to receive a copyof the information Taxi2trip collects about you, both of those collected afterobtaining your consent, and those required for the provision of the servicesrequested by you.


b. Correction


If you believe that the information inTaxi2trip is inaccurate, you have the right to request correction. See thesection entitled "Explanations, Copies and Corrections" below formore information on correcting or requesting to correct your information.


c. Deleting


Users can request deletion of their accountat any time. Users can request deletion via the Settings menu for the privacyof the Taxi2trip app or via the Taxi2trip website. We may retain certain ofyour information as required by law and for legitimate business purposespermitted by law.


See the "Storage and deletion ofinformation" section above for more information on how to delete and storeTaxi2trip information.


d. Objections and complaints


Users in the EU have the right to object tothe processing of personal data by Taxi2trip, including for marketing purposesbased on the creation of profiles and / or automated decision-making processes.Taxi2trip may continue to process your information despite your opposition tothe extent permitted by the General Data Protection Regulations (RGPD).


Users in the EU also have the right tocomplain about the handling of Taxi2trip personal information to the AutorizerPersoonsgegevens, the Dutch data protection authority. Contact information:


Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens


Postbus 93374




(+ 31) - (0) 70 - 888 85 00


You can also send questions, comments orcomplaints to the Taxi2trip data protection officer.


2. Reasons for processing

The General Data Protection Regulation(RGPD) allows companies to process users' personal data in the EU only forspecific legal reasons. As described below, Taxi2trip processes userinformation in the EU based on one or more reasons specified in the RDP:


a. The processing of information isnecessary for the provision of services and features requested by you.


Taxi2trip must collect and use certaininformation to provide its services. Included:


User profile information needed to createand maintain the account, including identity verification, to allowcommunications to be exchanged regarding runs, orders and accounts, and toallow payments to be issued or received earnings.


Information on the criminal recordnecessary to allow drivers to provide transport services via the Taxi2trip app.


Information on the driver's position,necessary to match drivers to users, monitor trips and suggest routedirections.


Transaction information, which must begenerated and maintained in connection with the use of Taxi2trip services.


Usage information needed to maintain,optimize and improve Taxi2trip services, including to determine, sometimes incombination with other information, incentives, to connect users and driversand to calculate travel costs and earnings of drivers.


The collection and use of this informationis mandatory to use the Taxi2trip apps.


** b. The processing of information isnecessary to protect the vital interests of our users or other parties


Taxi2trip can process personal informationand disclose it to law enforcement and judicial authorities in the event ofthreats to the safety of users or other parties.


c. Processing is necessary for thelegitimate interests of Taxi2trip


Taxi2trip collects and uses personalinformation to the extent necessary for its legitimate interests. This includesthe collection and use of information:


To maintain and improve the safety of ourusers. For example, we collect information on the criminal record (wherepermitted by law) to prevent dangerous users from offering services through ourapps. We also use personal information to prevent the use of our services byusers who have behaved inappropriately or dangerously, for example by keepingthe information of users blocked. We also use usage information to prevent thepairing of users and drivers with a higher risk of conflict (eg because theyhave been the subject of previous complaints from other users).


To prevent, detect and combat fraud relatedto the use of our services. For example, Taxi2trip uses user profileinformation, location information, and device and usage information to identifyand prevent Taxi2trip scams or other users.


To inform law enforcement officials andjudicial authorities of criminal acts or threats to public safety.


To provide customer support.


To optimize our service and develop newservices. This includes, for example, the identification of the optimalstarting / arrival points, the suggestion of (new) functionality, theimprovement of navigation, the increase in prices and the combination of usersand drivers or users and couriers. / p>


For research and analysis purposes. Forexample, the analysis of usage trends is included to improve the userexperience and increase the security of our services.


For direct marketing purposes. For example,data analysis is included to identify trends and create marketing messagesbased on user needs.


To apply Taxi2trip Terms of Use.


d. Processing necessary for the legitimateinterests of other people or parties


Taxi2trip collects and uses personalinformation to the extent necessary for the interests of other people or thegeneral public. It includes the sharing of information in relation to legal orinsurance claims, in order to protect the rights and safety of the other parties.


Taxi2trip may also process personalinformation when necessary for substantial public interests in compliance withapplicable legislation.


e. Processing is necessary to fulfill thelegal obligations of Taxi2trip


In the jurisdictions in which it operates,Taxi2trip is subject to the legal requirements that oblige us to collect,process and disclose and retain personal data. For example, Taxi2trip issubject to the laws and regulations in force in many cities and countries thatrequire the collection and storage of information on travel, even for longperiods of time, and the submission of copies of such information to governmentauthorities or other authorities. Taxi2trip uses personal information to complywith these rules to the extent that they apply to the use of Taxi2trip apps.


Taxi2trip can also share information withlaw enforcement agencies and judicial authorities or third parties in legalprocesses.


f. Consent


Taxi2trip can collect and use your informationafter obtaining your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time. If youwithdraw your consent, you will not be able to use the services or featuresthat require the collection or use of the information collected or used withyour consent.


Taxi2trip is based on the consent providedfor the collection or use of data necessary to improve the user experience,provide optional features or services or communicate with users. If you are anEU user, with your consent, your data is used or collected for the followingpurposes.


Location information (users)


Sharing location in real time (users)


Notifications: Account updates and trips


Notifications: Discounts and news


Address Book / Contacts


Calendar synchronization


Accessibility features


See the Choices and Transparency sectionbelow for more information on how we collect and use this information, how togive or revoke your consent and the effects that your consent revocation mayhave on the use of Taxi2trip apps. < / p>


Taxi2trip can also collect personalinformation through optional surveys. Your survey responses are collected basedon your consent and will be deleted when they are no longer needed for thepurposes for which they were collected.


Choice and transparency


Taxi2trip offers users the tools to viewand check the information Taxi2trip collects, also through:


privacy settings within the app


device permissions


evaluation pages within the app


waivers of receipt of marketing material /p>


Users can also ask Taxi2trip forexplanations, copies or corrections of data.




The Settings menu for the privacy of theTaxi2trip app for users offers the ability to set or update your location andcontact sharing preferences and preferences for the receipt of notifications byTaxi2trip on a mobile device. Below is information on these settings, how toconfigure or modify them and the consequences of their deactivation.


** Location information


** Taxi2trip uses the geolocation servicesof the user's device to allow him / her to take advantage of safe and reliabletravel. Location data helps improve our services, including start, navigationand customer support.


You can activate, deactivate or modifyTaxi2trip's collection of your location information at any time via theSettings menu for the Taxi2trip app's privacy or via the mobile devicesettings. If you have not enabled location sharing, you can still use theTaxi2trip app, but it may be harder for the driver to find you.


Notifications: Updates on account andtravel

Taxi2trip sends users notifications aboutthe status of the races and updates on the account. These notifications are anintegral part of using the Taxi2trip app and can not be deactivated. However,you can choose how to receive them via the Settings menu for the Taxi2tripapp's privacy.


Notifications: Discounts and news

You can allow Taxi2trip to send you pushnotifications on discounts and news. You can activate or deactivate thesenotifications at any time via the Settings menu for the privacy of theTaxi2trip app.


Address Book / Contacts

You can allow Taxi2trip to periodicallysynchronize phonebook information or contacts saved on your mobile device andstore it on our servers. This includes names, phone numbers, email addresses, andother information saved in contacts in the address book. This information isnecessary for features like rate sharing, sharing ride status, and creatingpersonalized suggestions for you and other users.


You can enable or disable contactsynchronization at any time via the Settings menu for the Taxi2trip app'sprivacy. If you turn off syncing your contacts, you will not be able to usefeatures that use contact information.


Calendar synchronization

You can allow Taxi2trip to access and storecalendar data on your mobile device. Calendar data may include event titles,responses (Yes, No, Maybe), start and end time of an event, descriptions of theassociated position and number of participants. We use this information tosuggest destinations based on your calendar events and to personalize yourTaxi2trip experience.


You can turn calendar synchronization on oroff at any time via the Calendar Shortcuts menu of the Taxi2trip app Settingsmenu. If you turn off calendar synchronization, you will not be able to usefeatures that use calendar information.



On most mobile platforms (iOS, Android,etc.), apps can not access certain types of device data without your consent.These platforms use different authorization systems to obtain the user'sconsent. The iOS platform warns the user the first time the Taxi2trip app askspermission to access certain types of data and asks to consent (or not consent)to this request. Android devices will inform you of the permissions required byTaxi2trip app before the first use of the app, and your use of the app is yourconsent.



After each race, drivers and users canevaluate each other and provide feedback on the race. This two-way systemensures that everyone is responsible for their own behavior. This concept ofresponsibility helps to create a safe and respectful environment for bothdrivers and users.


You can find your ratings as a user in themain menu of the Taxi2trip user app.


You can find your ratings as a driver inthe Ratings tab of the Taxi2trip Partner app.



You can ask Taxi2trip:


Provide you with a detailed explanation ofthe information collected about you and its use.


To receive a copy of the information collectedabout you.


Make corrections to any inaccurateinformation about you in your possession.


You can make these requests by contactingTaxi2trip send mail:


You can also change the name, phone numberand email address associated with your account via the Settings menu ofTaxi2trip apps. In Taxi2trip app you can also consult the history of racing,orders and deliveries.



You can opt out of receiving morepromotional emails from Taxi2trip send mail: You can alsochoose not to receive email and other messages from Taxi2trip by following theinstructions contained in these messages. Remember that if you choose not toreceive marketing communications anymore, Taxi2trip can still send younon-promotional messages, such as travel receipts or information about youraccount.


Information updates


Taxi2trip may occasionally update thisstatement. By using the Taxi2trip services after an update you accept the updatedinformation. The updated Privacy Policy is effective instead of the originalprivacy policy once published on the web page.


Taxi2trip may occasionally update thisstatement. If significant changes are made, Taxi2trip will notify you of thesechanges via the Taxi2trip app or other means, for example via email. To theextent permitted by the laws in force, using the Taxi2trip services after thiscommunication you accept the updates of the information.


We invite you to periodically review this statement tokeep you updated on Taxi2trip privacy procedures. Taxi2trip will also leave theprevious versions of the privacy policy available.