How can we guarantee your safety?

Driving safely and confidently, commitment to partner owners

Committed to ensuring your safety on the road. Whether it is before, during or after the trip, we use technology to ensure the safety of the co-owners like you.

1. Before the trip

Pick up passengers

All passengers need to sign up for an account

All passengers must create an account number and provide their name and phone number before calling. This will let you know the name of the passenger when you take the order, and Uber will also get the relevant information.

2. During the trip

Go to destination

In-App Navigation

After the passenger enters the destination, you can get accurate instructions through step-by-step navigation in the car owner, so you can concentrate on driving and safely going to your destination.

Show your itinerary on the map

The system records the GPS data for each trip, so we can get information about the passengers on the bus and the destination of the trip, so that we can clarify the responsibilities of both parties and encourage decent behavior .

3. After the trip

Dr. Traveling is constantly improving the experience of the journey

No need to change, say goodbye to troubles

The fare will be automatically deducted from the payment method in the passenger account, so you don't have to use cash for most trips. If the passenger pays the fare in cash, you can also apply for a ride.

Cooperative owner feedback

After each trip, you can rate the passengers on the itinerary, and the Trips team will review these ratings to ensure that all passengers you pick up are friendly. Attitude. If the passenger violates the terms of service, Uber has the right to refuse to provide pick-up service.

4. Keep your security around the clock

Our customer service team is ready to answer any questions related to the driving experience. The Trips Emergency Response Team has been specially trained to handle all emergency safety issues around the clock. If local law enforcement agencies seek help through legal procedures, Uber will provide useful information to assist with security issues.

5. Become a driving partner for the trip and start a safe driving journey

Join the trip to the owner of the trip <>