Driver first download

The driver downloads the driver's trip for the first timeAPP, the traveler will be sent 50Euro as 2000Kilometer Experience Reward, only use the driver's traveler to accumulate more than < /span>2000Kilometer or more2000Euro's turnover can be cashed out for the first time Gifted by the driver50Euro, sponsored by the traveler 50Euro use rights and ownership and final interpretation rights belong to the traveler.

Thousands of Euros Awards, when you download the driver's travel driver, you have the chance to win the Thousand Euros Award for the trip. ,Only using the driver to travel more than 5000 The euro's turnover can be used to cash out the thousand euros prize given by the taxi, The right to use and the ownership and final interpretation of the Thousands of Euro Awards for the trip to Shishi is owned by Mr.

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